February 07, 2012

Tree Planting Workshop, Feb 10th, 9am

Tree PLANTING Workshop
Friday, February 10, 2012
9:00am - Noon
At the new community garden in Pomona at Duran's place
1196 S. San Antonio, Pomona Ca
Please Bring:  Your own gloves and a shovel (round head)
Free of Charge

Many of you attended our tree pruning workshop in January and have been
looking forward to this upcoming hands-on event where we'll actually be
trained to plant a small-scale backyard orchard.

This Tree planting workshop is brought to us by Tom Spellman from Dave
Wilson Nursery.  At the last workshop we learned the importance of
proper pruning for small spaces and backyard orcharding & espaliered
structures.  At this hands-on, learn-as-you-do workshop Tom will show
us how to start our backyard orchard correctly.  Starting from the bare
root stage, we will learn how to dig a proper hole appropriate to the
tree, how to place the tree in the ground with proper back fill, and
finally how to execute our first and most important pruning cuts.

Cuatro Caminos Collective

*Meaningful Work,
*Wholesome Local Food,
*Appropriate Technology,
*Intergenerational/Cross-Cultural Dialogue and 


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