February 15, 2012

Sanger, CA USA

Gardens are a lesson in letting go of fear lessons in courage, and ultimately, love.  It takes some type of courage to look at some sandy lot, out in the middle of  b.f.e. and have the reserve in minerals to decide to do something about it.  Letting go of the Fear."There's no way it can work".  "The system is stacked against us."

We live in food deserts.  Half the family has diabetes, but we're all gonna get it.  So much poison has been sprayed on the fields that we don't trust the tap.  You have to look at that fear and acknowledge it, but still do otherwise.  Still plant the cilantro, still plant the ajo, the tong ho.  And most of the time the kale is ignored and the lettuce is stunted because it was not thinned.  But you do the work anyway, hoping that the papalo excites someone next year and the kids have never had real strawberries and will taste them from the gardens where they leave their boots to gather rain.

When the mortgage underwater it's time to move again.  You rub your eyes and dig your heels in again and do it all over again, spreading the compost and straw, maybe woodchips from the tree-trimmers.  You'll always do it again because there's nothing else you'd rather be doing.  That's love.

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