July 19, 2013

1st Run with the Yuba Mundo

Dumpstered Crates are stackable and lock together (also nesting). Need to balance out bike with crates on other side, and may have to lash bottom crate onto frame to secure cargo better (only secured with a piece of wood used as batting with carriage bolts and wing nuts that go thru wood, crate,deck wood, and out the bottom).

17 bunches of greens (kale, papalo, basil, collards) and one floral arrangement.
Cuatro Caminos Collective

July 17, 2013

Looking Ahead: Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

Teo with the newest addition to the CCC fleet

S.A.Y Sunflower Community Garden, Santa Rosa

Sunflower forest down main garden path, mostly volunteer plants

sub-irrigated native plant area with artwork from a youth in another S.A.Y program

keyhole beds planted out with greens, pepper grass and Three Sisters planting

polyculture planting of greens

July 02, 2013

Papalo Quelite, Santa Rosá

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   Plantas, Semillas, y Manojos.  

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