January 31, 2012

ELSC List: Edible Landscapers of Southern California

Below is a list for Edible Landscapers of Southern California.  It is not complete, nor hopefully ever be.  The scale that they work in varies from backyard edible design to 5 acre vegetable farms, and techniques that vary quite tremendously.  If you know of Landscapers that would like to be part of this list, have them email cuatro caminos to be put on this list.  Also, if you see your name in here and would like to add more information about yourself, let us know.  Also let us know if you'd rather that you're contact information not appear.


1.  Eduardo R. Casarez  

Working with the land  is my passion.  Plants make the human experience possible and vice-versa.  I have ten years of organic agriculture experience, having worked on properties as big as 10 acres and as small as city backyards all over the world.  I have harvested potatoes and grapes in Europe, planted and harvested frozen carrots in Illinois.   I am familiar with different horticultural techniques, from rototiller row crop production to no-till, polycultural sheet mulch gardening.  I have been known to build custom chicken coops and pens.   For those clients with limited space I install raised bed gardens with dual option irrigation systems (overhead & drip), and serially connected diy earthbox setups.

2. David Hewgill, Village Table Farms (Chino/Pomona/Claremont)

Rototilling available for city lots and bigger.  

3. John Schmalstig, Gardening With a Heart (Chino/Pomona/Claremont)

4. Annette Martin, Glendora Church of the Brethren (Glendora)

Community Garden Coordinator for Glendora COB

5. Davey Creates

Works in Gardens throughout LA

6. David Kiang (Diamond Bar/Whittier)

7. Ernest Willingham  (La Puente)

Master Gardener.  Worm Composting instructor, Edible Sprouts Production

8. Jesse Chang, Kingdom Causes (Alhambra/Monterey Park)

9. Juanita Rivas-Raymer (Azusa/Glendora)

10. Ned Boyer (Altadena/Pasadena)

Expert Tree care service.

11.  Ted Hamachi (Covina/West Covina)

Over a half-century of farming experience, primarily row crop production.  Specializes in Japanese vegetables.

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