May 17, 2012

Sanger Garden Pics, May 17 2012

Photos of the progress of garden in Sanger.  Hot day today.  For next year, Cabbage should be seeded 2nd week of February.  Great Success using plastic soda bottles to start seedlings, may have to set up a small greenhouse next year.  The sheet mulch is working amazingly well, the soil has a nice darkness to it wherever we sheet mulched

Bolted lettuce and flowering Tong Ho.  As soon as the lettuce and Tong Ho seed are ready, we'll cut it all down and lay it on top of the ground around the squash that are coming in.  The tong ho blossoms are good for colds and other ailments.

Tomato Seedling are looking good.  They need to be staked.  Need Stakes.  We may start cloning them out at this point to plant them elsewhere once space becomes available.


Younger tomato Seedling courtesy of Hillside Farms.  Experimenting with a Sunnflower Wall to seed cooler season crops behind and underneath.  Sowed Basil seeds between the young tomato seedlings to take advantage of the emitters that don't have tomatoes planted next to them.

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