May 08, 2012

Anyone want Fig trees? (Whittier, CA)

I have 6 fig trees growing in a pot on the front porch.   Come by and pick them up and lets share them around.

They're going to need to be pulled apart but I don't think it's possible to hurt them.  

Know any one who can use them?    You can just take them if I'm not here.



"la accion es la madre de la esperanza."

-Pablo Neruda


  1. I'll take one or two for a couple of community gardens in Glendora but if someone more local wants them, that's fine. Thanks, Juanita

  2. Great blog and your produce sounds great! My mom is also from the Whittier gardening club. I am a local from Whittier and would love to help with your site if you need it. I am a Whittier IT Consultant and provide Whittier SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Whittier Web Design if you are ever interested or need some help! I'm local!


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