November 10, 2009

M.E.S. site no.1

Microfarm Exchange Services site no 1.   As you can see, this plot is a lot smaller but has so far shown strong signs of life. Behold!:

   We turned the soil, composted, turned again and then planted....or, rather, scattered seed. What should be      coming up: broccoli (2 types), kale, red cabbage, snap peas, lettuce.
   Sprouts, sprouts, everywhere! And a net to keep the little birdies from eating the goods!

Lettuce sprouts!!!!!!!!!

Upcoming events: Cuatro Caminos meeting on November 22nd at 10am at Scott's house
plus movie and potluck with Dervaes family in Pasadena at 6pm. Cost: $10-15

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