November 06, 2009

our first mini-farm projects

In the last two weeks, we started on our first two mini-farm projects, in two of our member's backyards in Whittier. About two weeks ago, in Iris' backyard, we planted a small garden of winter crops - broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, kale, etc. There are many lovely little sprouts coming up now!!

This past week we have been working in another yard, starting on a bigger project. This time we get to plant out the whole front and backyard!!! Since both areas were covered in grass, we decided to sheet mulch rather than try to dig them up. Eddie had two big loads of mulch delivered from a local tree company early this week, and we spread it over both yards about 8 inches thick. Then today, we picked up a load of compost and added that to the top. The code enforcement officers have already showed up once, following up on a complaint from the neighbors about the smell, and that was before Eddie topped it with compost!! Poor neighbors, I'm sure they're not too happy about the smell now. Hopefully it will quickly smell better and start looking nice. And maybe later on we can take some vegetables to the neighbors to help smooth things over. Now we just need to plan out what we are going to plant where, set up irrigation, and put seeds in the ground!!

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