July 28, 2014

Why We Should Give Free Money To Everyone

Article from Dutch Language online journalism platform

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  1. From the Article:

    Last year, in the week leading to Easter Sunday, thieves hit the stand six times, stealing cash from the can. "Someone heard there was good money on the Old Highway," Geisert says. "Probably drug people."

    So he welded the money can, stuck a big padlock on it and installed a camera last fall. That, he says, has stopped the thefts. "The only problem since then was a bunch of kids stealing eggs and egging buildings in town," he says.

    Otherwise, the count from the black box comes out about right. Shoppers will occasionally take a few things when they don't have cash, then come back to deposit the money later. Some shoppers put more cash in the money can, just to cover for people who might come up short.

    "I always give a little extra," Price says."


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