December 20, 2013

Square Foot Gardening

In one of the documents, Futuresend, Fred Ho shared with me about his current organization included high praise for Fukuoaka, whose One Straw Revolution was one of the first books I read about farming, during my second or third season in the midwest if my memory serves me correctly.  Though I enjoyed the book, I was somewhat skeptical since it dealt with citrus farming and advocated using a homemade petroleum based pesticide.  I haven't read anymore of his work since then.  

Further into the document, another form of agriculture is described and seems to be more relevant:  "Mel Bartholomew's 'square foot gardening' principles and proposals ( have guided the socialist gardening project of the Scientific Soul Sessions ( project of a group of 'people of color' revolutionaries based in Harlem, New York City. According to Bartholomew, for urban settings, four square feet is all that is needed
to grow vegetable gardens to feed two adults year-round.  Roof tops, sidewalks, parks, front and backyards, common areas of buildings, could all become food growing sources with minimal alteration and cost." 

Card weaving:

"When the prison doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out." --Ho Chi Minh

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