February 16, 2011

Raised Bed Installation @ Iris's place

We just finished installing two raised beds at Iris's place.  One we made from Redwood purchased at Home Depot, the other from scrap wood salvaged in Whittier.

The Box above is the scrap wood box (Two-2"X12"X8'/ Two-2"12"X4/Four-4"x4"x2').  Each box has two 180 degree microsprinkles and a small shutoff valve.  When the summer crops come in, the system can be adapted to drip emitters or drip tape.

In each box we planted a polyculture mix of  transplanted beets and brassicas (collards, gai-lan), undersown with lettuce, scallions, and carrots.


  1. The redwood box received yesterday the first visitor: a black cat! :))

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