April 24, 2010

Making Progress at the Glendora Site

Church of the Brethren
150 South Vermont Avenue

Glendora, CA 91741

Here we are-- a few weeks into working this little plot of land that was begging for cultivation. Bursts of green are now visible even from across the street (a frequented spot of mine nearly every Friday-- the Glendora Public Library).

Arugula is abundant, and so are those red radishes into which Eddie enjoys crunching.

A few more weeks are sure to bring us a grander array of organic goodies.
Check out the seedlings: Diamond Eggplant and Beef Steak Tomatoes.

Which reminds me: I can not believe that I forgot to take pictures of the sweet Fern-leafed Lavender. First of all, I am thrilled that this herb, with which I have never personally had much luck, is coming up. Secondly, if one could ever refer to a seedling as "cute," then this is the one. But, I digress.

One can always find ways to improve. Here, Annette is trying to figure out how to make the drip irrigation system a bit more effective.

 We realize that the trip out to Glendora may not be the most convenient for many of you Cuatro Caminos supporters, but we would love to see your faces one of these days. Please come on by.

We are, however, trying to make our presence known locally. We set up a last-minute (very, very last-minute) booth at an Earth Day event in the neighboring city of San Dimas.

The locals have expressed interest in a CSA, and some of the city workers have mentioned available plots of land. Let's keep the fingers crossed as we continue to work toward this vision together.

Thank you for reading.

Isela Pena-Rager, Secretary

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  1. I love that picture of me and Teo!! And the seedling in the hand is classic!


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