January 02, 2010

First Cuatro Caminos dinner

Happy New Year!!
We'd like to welcome 2010 and celebrate the continued progress of the Cuatro Caminos Collective with a hearty winter dinner.

Please join us on January 10th, 2010 as we feast on the fruits of the season!! The dinner will feature a winter squash stew as well as other goodies. We are committed to using organic, local produce and, as our microfarms develop, produce that we have grown.

When:   January 10th, 2010 at 7:00pm
Where:  Either in or near Whittier (exact location to be determined)
Price:   $10**

** Why the charge? The money from this dinner will be used towards the organization. We are looking to buy seed. A seed catalog will be present at the dinner so that you, the guest, can have a say as to what we purchase/plant.

The dinner will be vegetarian-friendly. Please indicate if you have any allergies. 

Please RSVP by January 9th at  ivcaminos@gmail.com or contact Eddie/Stephanie/Iris

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